Man Who Held Girlfriend Hostage With Shotgun Gets Shot To Death By Police


A man was shot and killed by Sacramento County sheriff’s deputies after he emerged from a home with a gun and while holding his girlfriend hostage. A 911 caller said her father threatened her, her boyfriend, and their 3-year-old child. Everyone fled the house except the father and his girlfriend,  Sgt. Kionna Rowe said.

A SWAT team and hostage negotiation arrived on the scene and made contact with the suspect and his girlfriend. The incident began as a domestic violence call, and the suspect was “defiant” with arriving law enforcement. He told negotiators he was going to shoot a deputy and his girlfriend in 3 minutes.

The arrival of the deputies all began with a 911 call from the man’s daughter.

A woman called the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office to report that her father had assaulted his girlfriend and threatened her, her boyfriend, and her 3-year-old child with a shotgun. The three of them escaped the residence, leaving the caller’s father and his girlfriend inside.

Deputies arrived at the dispatched location and learned that Vincent Martinez, 55, was prohibited from carrying a firearm. He had no mental health history and had not called for service at the address within the past year. Martinez was armed with a shotgun when he threatened to kill his girlfriend several times.

Martinez opened the door and stepped out of his residence, holding the shotgun in his right hand. Two deputies shot and killed the suspect, who had an extensive criminal history.

After the two deputies fired their duty weapons and struck Martinez, he was pronounced deceased at the scene.  They fired six total rifle shots at the suspect, who was hit by one of those six rounds.

The Sheriff’s Office released a video clip showing Martinez looking up at a drone when the deputies shot him. A K-9 was also staged at the corner of the building for additional precaution, but the K-9 was not deployed.

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