Man Who Killed Burger King Worker Compares Himself To Jesus And Mandela In Unhinged Interview

Winston Glynn, the man accused of murdering a teen-aged East Harlem Burger King cashier during a $100 robbery, was part of an erratic interview. As he was questioned, the suspect ranted about slave reparations and screamed that America will “burn”.

He exhibited more disturbing behavior during the interview as well. He believed himself to be the real victim, claiming to be falsely accused. He compared himself to Nelson Mandela and Jesus Christ to further his crazed point.

Kristal Bayron-Nieves, 19, had been working her fast-food job for just three weeks when Glynn barged into the restaurant wearing a black ski mask. Authorities said Glynn pistol-whipped the manager, bashed another person over the head, and then preceded to shoot Bayron-Nieves in the chest.

Police arrested Glynn at a Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, address. The authorities found his clothes in dumpsters, and tracked him to a bodega where he conducted an electronic transaction an hour before the fatal stick-up.

During an hour-long interview, Glynn tried to downplay the evidence against him, claiming that someone probably made a tip and he used to work at the Burger King where Bayron-Nieves was killed.

Glynn claimed that the system has no regard for the lower class and that wealthy families benefit from citywide crime and mayhem. “These people don’t want crime to stop, as long as it doesn’t affect them,” he meandered.

A homeless shelter roommate said that Glynn had issues with seeing demons and was “definitely on medication” but was “a pretty stand-up guy”. His lawyers have suggested that they might pursue a psychiatric defense.

Family and friends said Bayron-Nieves was a “genuine soul” who moved to the Big Apple from Puerto Rico six years ago to live with her mother and brother. Her mother said she didn’t believe Glynn’s claims of innocence.