Man Who Ran Out Of Water While Hiking Dies From Triple-Digit Arizona Heat


Man dead after group runs out of water, got lost at a trail near Cave Creek – Arizona’s Family

A hiker died and several others were rescued after they ran out of water halfway through their hike, says the Scottsdale Fire Department. The man that died was only in his 20s. The hiker’s death occurred after getting lost on trails and suffering heat exhaustion in triple-digit Arizona temperatures, officials said.

A group of hikers ran out of water and got lost on the trail. The fire department rescued them and is warning others to bring plenty of water if they plan on hitting the trails. The five hikers were treated at a hiking area about 40 miles north of Phoenix for heat exhaustion, officials said.

Phoenix reached 109 degrees Monday, six degrees above average, according to the National Weather Service. Several states in the West have been experiencing extreme heat since last week. Hikers are advised to start their hikes earlier in the day and hydrate the night before.

Excessive heat has killed more people than any other extreme weather event in the US. Heat stroke and heat exhaustion can be extremely dangerous. Human-driven climate change is making these events more deadly and more common.

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