Man Wins $10 Million in ‘Reverse Discrimination’ Case


( – In 2018, Novant Health in South Carolina fired David Duvall, its senior vice president of marketing and communications. The company replaced him with two women, one black and one white. He sued and now the jury has delivered a verdict.

On October 26, a Charlotte jury awarded Duvall, a white male, $10 million in damages. In 2019, he sued his former company, alleging reverse discrimination. That’s when a person is discriminated against in order to give people of a marginalized group a leg up. In this case, Novant Health fired Duvall in an attempt to diversify its leadership positions.

Duvall’s termination took place just five days before his fifth anniversary with the company. The date was important because had he reached the milestone, the company would have had to pay him a much larger severance package.

According to the lawsuit, the company also fired several other white male executives in the year after Duvall’s termination, all of whom were replaced by women or black people. The former executive’s attorney, Luke Largess, said his client wasn’t against diversity and inclusion, but objected to the way the healthcare company went about it.

Novant Health vowed to appeal the verdict.

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