Marriage Celebration Gets Explosive Finale

( – There’s nothing quite like getting together with family and friends after a beautiful wedding. Unfortunately for one family, a honeymoon party ended in a blood bath.

In September, Lidiia Makarchuk and Norbert Varga were in Ukraine’s Carpathian Mountains celebrating their recent wedding. They were camping in the mountains with the bride’s brother, Miroslav, and nine others. Someone in the group built a fire to keep warm, when all of a sudden, the ground under the fire began to rumble — and then exploded.

Her brother and one other in the group were killed by the explosion. Lidiia suffered horrific injuries from shrapnel and burns to her face, hands, and legs.

The family said the blast was caused by an undetonated WWI bomb buried underground.

According to the Daily Mail, authorities believe the bomb was planted during the 1916 Russian Brusilov Offensive, a campaign against Austria-Hungary. The mountain spot where the party set up its campsite was part of a battlefield during WWI.

Lidiia has already had surgery to repair damage to one of her eyes. She will eventually need more treatment, but for now, she’s up and walking. She told the Daily Mail that her one regret is that she didn’t tell her brother she loved him as he was dying.

A GoFundMe has been set up by the family.

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