Mass Stranding Kills Over 210 Whales

Rescue teams report that 210 whales died and only 35 remain alive following a mass stranding in Australia this week.

An exposed beach along the coast of Tasmania was discovered Wednesday with pilot whales stranded. Efforts are being made to save the remaining whales.

Brendon Clark of Tasmania’s Parks and Wildlife Service said, “we’re primarily focused on getting into the rescue operation and getting them released. As a precaution, we will monitor if some of them re-beach themselves.”

The number of living whales had been estimated at about half by rescuers previously.

This is the second mass stranding of whales to have occurred in Tasmania this week, following the discovery of over a dozen dead sperm whales on another beach, all young males.

Marine scientists have been baffled by whale strandings for decades.

There were more than 450 pilot whales found stranded in Tasmania in 2020, making it the state’s largest stranding.

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