Maxwell’s Lawyers Seek Retrial After Juror Breaks Silence

Maxwell's Lawyers Seek Retrial After Juror Breaks Silence

( – In December 2021, a jury found socialite Ghislaine Maxwell guilty of recruiting and grooming minors for sexual abuse by Jeffrey Epstein. After the conclusion of the trial, juror Scotty David revealed he used his experience as a sexual abuse survivor to help the other jurors understand victims’ recollections are complex, prompting Maxwell’s attorney to ask for a mistrial. While each citizen who serves on a jury brings a lifetime of experience to the table, the question is whether David revealed on the initial jury questionnaire he experienced sexual abuse as a child.

He allegedly doesn’t recall but stated if the question was there, he’s sure he told the truth about his past.

Going into detail, Scotty said he used his experience during deliberations to explain to other jury members how he remembered the details of his abuse so long ago and how it might explain the victims’ accounts. Maxwell’s lawyers quickly penned a letter to US District Judge Alison Nathan, demanding a new trial on “incontrovertible grounds.” The court has yet to respond, but the judge could bring Maxwell’s conviction into question if the juror misled the court as to his prior related trauma.

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