McDonald’s Worker Shot In Neck Over Argument With Customer About Cold Fries


Sources: McDonald’s employee shot in neck after argument about cold fries in Brooklyn – CBS New York

A 23-year-old man was shot on the job at a McDonald’s in Brooklyn, New York. His colleagues described him as a good guy and said they were on edge going back to work Tuesday.

The Mcdonald’s location is back open, and the employee that was shot is still in critical condition.

The 23-year-old victim was working at a fast-food joint when he got hassled by a female customer over her fries. The woman’s son stormed into the restaurant and began fighting with the employee, a police source said.

The customer’s 20-year-old son pulled out a gun and shot the worker in the neck.

A local business owner said the co-workers were crying and tried to stop the bleeding, but the victim’s right eye was swollen shut and he couldn’t talk.

The victim’s family and friends wept and consoled each other on the steps of the hospital’s emergency-room entrance Tuesday afternoon.

Police say there is no previous connection between the employee and the suspect. There is a security team with surveillance over this McDonald’s location. However, additional employees claim that the hours of this security have been recently cut back.

The charges of the crime are still pending. The 20-year-old suspect was arrested for shooting the worker in the heat of a disagreement.

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