Media Forced to Issue Retraction

Media Forced to Issue Retraction

( – The United States, and the world, count on news sources to bring the people true stories to remain informed about local and global events. Unfortunately, misleading headlines and well-crafted prose can, and do, skew the facts.

On October 21, The Guardian printed a headline cherry-picking facetious comments from conservative figure Candace Owens’ monologue. It read, “Rightwing Pundit Candace Owens Suggests US Invade Australia to ‘Free an Oppressed People’,” prompting the Daily Wire host to demand an immediate retraction. After legal threats from Owens, the media outlet caved and changed the headline.

Although Owens asked when the United States would invade Australia, she immediately stated she made the comment in jest. The point of her monologue was to highlight her belief that the US should not intervene in other countries’ business, whether that be in the land down under or the Middle East.

Owens also wanted to communicate the horror she felt reading the COVID-19 restrictions the citizens of Australia now face. She said the same thing could happen in America if it weren’t for Republicans protecting US citizens and their rights.

The Guardian headline now reads, “Rightwing US Pundit Candace Owens Compares Australian Government to the Taliban, Calling it a ‘Tyrannical Police State’.” Citing the UK’s strict libel laws, Owens still waits for a full retraction for the misrepresentation.

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