Michelle Obama Sympathizes With People “Turned Off” By Debate

Michelle Obama Sympathizes With People

(AbsoluteNews.com) – The country is still reeling from the first presidential debate on Tuesday, September 29. It was a dumpster fire, but not for the reason former First Lady Michelle Obama is claiming.

In a recent tweet, Michelle told her followers to vote for Joe Biden if they were “turned off by the President’s behavior.”

The problem is, the president wasn’t the person who was acting immaturely. Sure, he interrupted a few times, but that’s just Trump being himself. He’s from NYC, people are a bit louder in the Big Apple. That’s not a big deal.

Biden, on the other hand, told the president of the United States to “shut up.” He called the commander-in-chief a “clown” and a “racist,” and showed a complete lack of respect for the office of the presidency.

If Michelle’s followers were “turned off” by anything, it should have been Biden’s disrespectful, childish performance.

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