Michigan music producer Kaz Drumatik shot at his recording studio

A music producer from Michigan, Kaz, was shot to death at his recording studio, 51 Sessions Recording, on New Year’s Eve, while one other man was injured. The incident happened just before 3 p.m. local time.

According to police, Curshawn Terrel, known as Kaz Drumatik, was at his recording studio when a group of masked men pulled up and shot Kaz and one other man, Shaquille Brown. The shooters left, only to return a short time later, and opened fire again on the building and parked cars.

Authorities took Kaz and Brown to Sparrow Health hospital in Lansing, Michigan. Later that day, Kaz eventually died from his injuries.

On Wednesday, the police arrested a suspect, Anthony Andersen Jr., 28, with the help of the Lansing PD and the Saginaw County Parole Board.

Police said Andersen has a lengthy criminal history and is currently on parole. He was taken into custody and charged with multiple charges, including assault with intent to commit murder, open murder, and felony firearm.

Andersen will face the possibility of life in prison if convicted.

A budding producer

Born and raised in Lansing, the 40-year-old Terrel went by the name Kaz, was a staple of the Michigan music scene. He was a prominent music producer who worked with Gucci Mane and Grammy-winning rapper, T.I.

Kaz had a promising career ahead of him, according to his friends. They said they didn’t understand how Kaz could have been caught in anything like this.

“He helped people create things and he worked with all types of people from A to Z and I saw that he treated people fairly,” a friend of Kaz, Yanice Jackson, said in an interview with WILX.

Jackson said Kaz was humble and helped people to make their dreams come true.

“It’s devastating because I saw what he stood for,” Jackson said.

“And the thing about him is just he was so consistent. That’s the way that I usually decide who I’m going to roll with and who I associate myself with and let into my inner circle.”