Mike Lindell Says His New Platform Can Handle up to a Billion People

Mike Lindell Says His New Platform Can Handle up to a Billion People

(AbsoluteNews.com) – All of the major social media websites banned President Donald Trump shortly before he left office. Other prominent conservatives were kicked off the sites too, including My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell. But he is fighting back.

Lindell decided that he was going to launch his own social media platform. The Epoch Times interviewed him for a March 31 article and asked about his new endeavor. According to the pillow tycoon, his new platform, Frank, could “handle upwards of a billion” users. He said it is going to be the “safest, secure platform.”

The CEO previously told CBN that his platform is going to bring back free speech.

Conservatives have been looking for a new platform to get away from Facebook, Twitter, and others that don’t appreciate their contributions. Parler is up and running too, but variety and competition are always good. However, Donald Trump is reportedly also looking into creating his own space, and if that happens, all of the other conservative social media sites could be dead in the water.

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