Mike Pompeo Calls for Patriots to Take Action

Mike Pompeo Calls for Patriots to Take Action

(AbsoluteNews.com) – Before Mike Pompeo served as former President Donald Trump’s secretary of state, he was a member of Congress. In that role, he was able to see just how important it was to have a majority on Capitol Hill that wanted to put the American people first. He’s not seeing that same dedication from Democrats as he did when Republicans were in charge, so he wants to help the GOP take back its majority. The former secretary is now calling on patriots to help.

In an interview published on June 21, Pompeo told Breitbart that he is calling on all “Pipehitters” to get involved in the midterm elections. He explained that Pipehitters are hardworking, honest, “fearless” people who “keep their faith.” He said these people need to take some time out of their lives to get involved because they’re the ones who “care about America deeply.”

If Republicans across the country stay the course, there’s a real possibility that they’ll win the majority in 2022. If these so-called Pipehitters put in the work, they could make a huge difference.

Generally speaking, the party that holds the executive branch doesn’t do so well in the midterm elections. We saw that when the GOP lost the majority in 2018 and also when former President Barack Obama lost it in 2010. With Pompeo’s help, and the help of leaders like Trump, the Republican Party has a real chance of stopping President Joe Biden’s agenda in its tracks.

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