Military Officer Paints Vastly Different Picture of Afghanistan’s Fall

Military Officer Paints Vastly Different Picture of Afghanistan's Fall

( – After Kabul fell in mid-August, President Joe Biden blamed it on the Afghan military’s lack of will. He said the soldiers weren’t willing to fight to save their country, so asking the US to do it was unreasonable. But an Afghan military officer is painting a very different picture.

In an August 19 Zenger News exclusive, an Afghan military officer said the Biden administration abandoned those who were fighting to stop the Taliban. He explained that the Afghan army relied on a network of airdrops for supplies. The officer acknowledged that although the Afghan army had one of the largest helicopter fleets in the region, all of the maintenance was done by US contractors out of Bagram Air Base. America shuttered that base weeks ago. Also fuel, which had been delivered by the US, was in short supply. What little support the US provided stopped on August 13. But, Biden continues to say the problem was the Afghan army lost its will to fight.

The unnamed officer claims the Afghan military only had three months to prepare for the withdrawal. However, former President Donald Trump announced a year ago that the US would be leaving Afghanistan by May 1, 2021. When he left office, there were only 2,500 troops left in the country. America had been preparing for more than a year to leave in an orderly and organized fashion.

Whether the US abandoned the Middle Eastern country or the Afghan military just failed to prepare will most certainly be a point of debate for months to come.

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