Millionaire Dentist Accused Of Killing Wife To Collect Insurance Money And Start Over With Lover

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Lawrence Rudolph, 67, denied killing his wife of 34 years, saying he did not get to kill her and was not going to kill her.

Prosecutors allege that Rudolph used a 2016 hunting trip in Africa to shoot his wife and collected almost $5 million dollars in insurance money. A charge he denies because he says he was already a multimillionaire when this occurred and all of the money from the insurance policy went into a trust for his adult children.

Rudolph testified that he heard a gunshot and found his wife Bianca bleeding on the floor. She had been packing fast to get home.

Rudolph was charged with murder and mail fraud in the death of his wife. His fiancee, Milliron, is also being tried for lying to the grand jury and being an accessory after the fact.

The FBI opened an investigation into the death of Rudolph’s wife, Bianca, after a South African “friend” suspected foul play. Rudolph was arrested in Mexico and extradited to the United States to face federal charges.

Rudolph said he and his wife were “reasonably content” in their arrangements and that neither Milliron nor his wife gave him an ultimatum to leave their relationship with each other.

Prosecutors used their opening statement to suggest that Rudolph said “I Killed my f_____ wife for you.” In an argument with his girlfriend at a Phoenix steakhouse in 2020. However his defense claims the statement was actually about the FBI investigation into it and he says what he actually said is “They think I killed my [] wife for you.”

Zambian authorities determined that the shooting was an accident, but prosecutors countered that Bianca’s injuries came from shots fired 2 to 3.5 feet away.

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