Missing Man “Rescued” By Searchers

Missing Man

(AbsoluteNews.com) – Hanging out in the woods is something many people do in their lifetime. And as long as it’s done safely, there’s nothing wrong with it. Unfortunately for one Turkish man, he might never live down his epic night out.

Beyhan Mutlu, 50, attended a party in the woods with his friends. At some point during the evening, he wandered away from his group of friends. He was pretty drunk when he went off into the forest by himself and partygoers thought he was lost. When his wife and friends didn’t see him for several hours, they called the police to organize a search party.

While his loved ones tried to find him, Mutlu was actually sleeping at his friend’s home. The next morning he walked back to the woods and ran into a search party. One of the searchers said they were looking for a missing man, so he decided to join in and got quite a shock when he figured out the search party was looking for him.

“They called my name, ‘Beyhan Mutlu.’ I said, ‘Oh, that’s me,’” Mutlu told the Daily Sabah.

The police asked Mutlu some questions, but released him. He said the whole incident was “like a joke.” Maybe next time, he’ll let his wife and friends know when he has had enough drinking for an evening.

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