Mojo Nixon Dies Aboard Outlaw Country Cruise at 66 After Blazing Show

Danville, Virginia – The music world is mourning the loss of the unapologetically brash musician, actor, and radio DJ, Mojo Nixon, who passed away from a “cardiac event” at the age of 66. His family confirmed the sad news to Rolling Stone, revealing that Nixon was aboard the Outlaw Country Cruise at the time of his passing.

Known for his unique and singular career, Nixon first gained attention in 1987 with the novelty hit “Elvis Is Everywhere,” which he recorded with his former partner, Skid Roper. The duo’s unexpected success led to regular appearances on MTV and a cult following. They recorded six albums together before parting ways, after which Nixon pursued a solo career and dabbled in acting and radio DJing.

Nixon’s advocacy for free speech and opposition to censorship were as notable as his music career. He famously debated parental advisory warnings on CDs with Pat Buchanan during an appearance on CNN’s Crossfire in the 1990s, reflecting his commitment to pushing boundaries and challenging norms.

Born Neill Kirby McMillan Jr. in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Nixon’s life was dedicated to music and performing. His journey in the music industry took him from London to Denver and eventually to San Diego, where he adopted the stage name Mojo Nixon, blending voodoo and politics in a bold and memorable persona.

Following his time with Roper, Nixon continued to make an impact with a solo album that received attention and praise. Despite setbacks, Nixon remained a prolific and influential figure, branching into acting and even becoming the honorary “captain” of Team U.S.A.’s Men’s Doubles Luge Team at the 1998 Winter Olympics.

Although hosting SiriusXM shows became his primary focus in the 2000s, Nixon’s dedication to music never wavered. He continued to release new material and even saw the premiere of a long-awaited documentary about his life and career.

The legacy of Mojo Nixon lives on, as his impact as a musician, advocate, and larger-than-life personality will continue to inspire and provoke thought for years to come.