Mom charged with the stabbing death of her 3-month-old baby with a butcher’s knife

A 32-year-old mother from West Virginia has been charged with the murder of her 3-month-old baby girl. The woman allegedly stabbed the infant multiple times in the chest with a butcher’s knife. The incident occurred late last year, and the mother has now been formally indicted on charges of murder and death of a child by a parent or guardian by child abuse. Court records reveal a horrifying scene inside the apartment where the crime took place, with blood covering the premises.

Deputies from the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report of a child being stabbed on December 30, 2022. The caller, a neighbor, informed the authorities that there was a dead child and blood all over the apartment. When the deputies came to the scene, they discovered the mother kneeling in front of the couch, holding the lifeless infant in her arms. A bloody butcher knife was found next to the couch and taken into evidence.

Second Section: Both the mother and the baby were immediately rushed to Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital for treatment. Tragically, the baby was pronounced dead shortly after arrival. An autopsy later revealed that the infant had suffered multiple stab wounds to the chest, which pierced her heart and lungs. The cause of death was determined to be a homicide. Meanwhile, the mother was treated for self-inflicted stab wounds to her head, chest, and wrists. Due to the severity of her injuries, she was airlifted to Ruby Memorial Hospital for specialized treatment.

Investigators who searched the mother’s apartment found the child’s clothing, which had multiple holes in the chest area, matching the wounds inflicted by the butcher knife. The mother’s mother informed investigators that her daughter had sent her a photograph covered in blood, holding the lifeless baby. A nurse practitioner who cared for the mother during her hospital stay confirmed that the mother admitted to stabbing her baby and herself when questioned by investigators.

The mother’s boyfriend, speaking anonymously to West Virginia MetroNews, revealed that the mother had been suffering from postpartum psychosis and had been unable to seek help before the tragic incident. Postpartum psychosis is can occur after childbirth and is characterized by hallucinations, delusions, and extreme mood swings. It is a rare condition but can have devastating consequences if left untreated.

The mother has now been formally charged with murder and death of a child by a parent or guardian by child abuse. The case will proceed to trial, where the evidence will be presented and a verdict reached.