Mom Killed By Her Own Son In Gruesome Murder

Police found Receia Kollie’s body in the foyer of her home on Dec. 2 and found blood evidence near her son’s bedroom door. Investigators later told prosecutors they observed “sharp force trauma” to the victim. The suspect for her murder was none other than her own son.

An unidentified family member discovered Receia’s body after she failed to meet up with her daughter, police said. During their initial investigation, prosecutors say they found the suspect had been previously arrested for domestic assault against his mother. The 25-year-old was released from prison with conditions that prohibited contact with the victim.

Investigators learned Kollie had threatened his mother on November 27, 2022 and spoke with the victim who told officers Kollie had locked her inside of a bathroom and threatened to kill her.

There were no signs of a break-in at the scene of the crime. The murder weapon was not specified, but prosecutors believe James Kollie fled the scene in his mom’s car and was arrested several miles away from where they spotted the car.

Kollie was arrested in Wahpeton, North Dakota, after placing a phone call to his mother around 4 p.m. He showed significantly negative toward his mother during an interview with investigators. Authorities say Kollie showed little emotion when he was told his mother was dead, and he showed significant anger towards his mother for getting him arrested and kicked out of the house.

Receia Kollie graduated high school in 1989, fled Liberia with her high school sweetheart, and settled down in the Ivory Coast where she welcomed daughter Jemeia Kollie and son James Kollie Jr. She became a registered nurse at the age of 54.

Receia was remembered by her daughter as the pillar of her family and as someone who would sacrifice anything for those she loved.