Mom of six found dead inside of an old carpet days after mysterious date

MACOMB, OK – A mother of six and teacher’s assistant from Oklahoma was discovered deceased. Her body was concealed in an old carpet and hidden in a ditch, days after she was last seen leaving for a date with an unidentified man. Makayla Meave-Byers, 30, was reported missing on September 15, after she was seen entering a Chevrolet pickup truck driven by a tall, bald man with a dark beard and sunglasses.

Meave-Byers, who was in an open marriage, had willingly left her Macomb home with the man, believed to have agreed to a date with him, according to Pottawatomie County Undersheriff Travis Dinwiddie. When she did not return, law enforcement initiated a search involving drones and K-9 units. Her family also embarked on a frantic search for her.

On Wednesday, a cousin of Meave-Byers found her body in a culvert nearly four feet deep, located by a creek under a road a few miles from her residence. The victim was wrapped in what Dinwiddie described as waterlogged pieces of old carpet. The medical examiner’s office confirmed the identity of the body as Meave-Byers on Friday.

While there were no apparent signs of trauma on the body and the cause of death remains undetermined, Dinwiddie stated that foul play is strongly suspected. Meave-Byers was a kindergarten teacher’s aide at Macomb Public Schools and a mother to four stepdaughters and two adopted children. Her husband, Frank Byers, had previously pleaded for assistance in finding her, expressing his deep love for her and her importance to their family.

The unidentified man last seen with Meave-Byers has not been identified, and investigators currently have no suspects.