More Troops Are Coming Home

More Troops Are Coming Home

( – In June, President Donald Trump spoke to West Point graduates and told them he was going to end the “era of endless wars.” The promise was one he has made many times over the course of his presidency. On September 9, he ordered the military to take action to do just that.

Commander of US Central Command, Marine General Frank McKenzie, announced the US was pulling 2,200 troops out of Iraq by the end of the month. There are currently 5,200 active military members in the Middle Eastern country. The general said the remaining 3,000 soldiers will stay behind to help fight the remaining ISIS force, and eventually hand security over to the Iraqi government.

General McKenzie said the “sacrifice has been great” but US progress in Iraq “has been significant.”

Since Operation Iraqi Freedom began in 2003, up until September 8, America has lost 4,431 troops and US civilians in the war. An additional 31,994 active-duty military members have been wounded in action. It’s time for our troops to come home.

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