Mother Becomes Prime Suspect In Missing Toddler Case

Quinton Simon: Mother suspected in missing Georgia toddler’s disappearance, death, cops say – The Atlanta Journal Constitution

Lelani Simon has been named as a primary suspect in the disappearance and death of 20-month-old child. Authorities have not made an arrest or filed any charges at this time.

20-month-old Quinton Simon was last seen on Oct. 5 by his mother Lelani Simon. On Wednesday, Lelani was seen leaving her mom’s driveway.

The FBI mobilized a child abduction rapid Deployment team last Wednesday and pledged every resource to assist Chatham County Police Department in finding Quinton. The investigation continues, and the FBI will communicate any new information regarding the search for the toddler.

On Wednesday, Oct. 5, the morning of Quinton’s disappearance, his mother called 911 to report that her 1-year-old son was missing. The dispatcher was told that Quinton was unable to open a door and thought someone had taken him.

The morning Quinton went missing, his babysitter received an odd text saying she wouldn’t be babysitting the children. She was later called by other relatives asking if she had seen him.

Court documents obtained by WJCL show that the family was at odds before Quinton’s disappearance. The documents also show that Quinton’s grandparents have custody of Quinton and his 3-year-old brother.

On Tuesday, a news source revealed the explosive confrontation between the child’s grandmother and his babysitter. The grandmother said the babysitter was planning a memorial service without the family’s approval.

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