Mother Meets With Her Daughter’s Killer To Learn About Her Death

Lisa Squire said her biggest question is how did her daughter die. Pathologists were unable to determine the cause of death of Lisa’s daughter, Libby Squire.

Lisa Squire is determined to speak to Pawel Relowicz, the suspect of her daughter’s murder, to find out what happened to her daughter Libby- who was abducted and murdered in January 2019.

Mrs. Squire is arranging a meeting with Relowicz through a restorative justice charity, adding that she doesn’t hate him and doesn’t wish to forgive him. She just wants information from him.

A new Sky Crime documentary explores whether Relowicz, a father of two, could have been stopped earlier by police after committing a string of offenses in the months before Libby was killed.

Relowicz had previously been convicted of voyeurism, performing sex acts in public, and stealing sex toys and underwear from women’s homes. He claimed to have had consensual sex with the student, only ever lying about the act in an attempt to hide the infidelity from his wife. However, the jury found this very hard to believe.

Mrs. Squire said Relowicz, who is serving a 27-year sentence, will kill again if he is released at the end of his sentence. She claims that if he can do the things he was doing before he raped and killed her daughter, then he can change. However, Squire doesn’t believe that to be a realistic outcome.

“He shows no remorse now and I don’t believe he’ll show any remorse in 20 years’ time,” said the victim’s mother. “I will ensure that man never comes out of prison – ever.”

Libby’s mom, Lisa, said she is looking for answers. She added that anger is very draining and that she doesn’t want to dwell on her anger towards her daughter’s killer. She said she would rather spend her time thinking about Libby, her surviving children, and her family that’s still alive.