Mothers Throw Their Children to Troops in Effort to Save Them From Taliban

( – The US recently pulled all of its troops out of Afghanistan except those aiding in evacuations. Days after they handed control over to the Afghan military, the Taliban stormed Kabul. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani fled to safety in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), leaving his people to face the terrorist organization independently.

The situation is incredibly dire for the Afghan people. Taliban fighters have already started murdering people as desperate mothers try to get their children out of the country.

Mothers Take Drastic Steps

People are sharing heartbreaking videos of Afghans trying to get out of the country. One of the saddest is a video showing mothers passing their children through a crowd to soldiers at the Kabul airport, hoping they’ll take the kids with them when they leave.

Sky News spoke to British soldiers recently about the evacuation efforts. A senior officer reportedly said women were throwing babies over razor wire to the soldiers on the other side. The officer explained his men cried that night, saying some babies got stuck in the wire.

Taliban Brutality

The Taliban treated Afghan children and women horrifically when they controlled the country before America’s invasion. In fact, Afghanistan had an abysmally high maternal mortality rate at the time, primarily because of substandard medical care. The organization regularly gunned women down in front of children. They were also left to die while having children.

According to the US State Department, 16 out of 100 women died during childbirth. Of the kids who survived birth, 165 out of every 1,000 never even lived to see their first birthday.

Kids also died from preventable diseases under the brutal regime. Parents are hoping to save their kids from that fate by taking drastic steps to make it happen. It’s unclear whether the soldiers rescued the kids.

People Cling to Planes

Parents aren’t the only ones resorting to desperate measures. The Afghan news media recorded dozens of people clinging to a US Air Force plane trying to take off at the Hamid Karzai International Airport.

The Air Force found human body parts in the wheel well of a C-17 cargo plane. However, the military has yet to confirm precisely how many people died. Others climbed on the plane’s wings; it’s possible these people fell when the aircraft was in the sky. The severity of these escape attempts show just how badly the Afghan people want to get out of the country as the Taliban seizes control again.

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