Multiple Gun Control Bills Passed By House

Multiple Gun Control Bills Passed By House

( – On March 11, the Democratic Party passed two gun control measures in the House. Although the votes were mostly along party lines, there were some Republicans who backed the bills.

Eight members of the House GOP caucus voted in favor of expanding background checks to include almost all gun sales, even private ones. The other bill allows law enforcement to investigate people past the current 3-day deadline by expanding it to 10 days when someone is buying a gun. Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) called the bills unconstitutional and said the Left wants “full control” that’s why it’s stomping on the Second Amendment.

The Democratic bills are now headed to the Senate. In order to get through the chamber, the Left will need 60 votes. Short of killing the filibuster, there’s little chance the legislation will pass. For now, Second Amendment supporters can stop worrying but stay vigilant.

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