Multiple Teenagers Rescued From Human Trafficking Operation

Multiple Teenagers Rescued From Human Trafficking Operation

( –  Every year, the US Marshal’s Office and Crimestoppers form a team to round up convicted sex offenders who fail to register properly. During the most recent sex trafficking operation with Louisiana law enforcement agencies, Operation Boo Dat, the task force arrested 30 sex offenders and rescued 5 missing teen girls in and around New Orleans.

The US Marshals reported that 17 of those arrested were felony sex offenders who didn’t register correctly.

Authorities timed the process to coincide with Halloween to protect local children from the dangerous convicts. Operation Boo Dat ran from mid-October to mid-December, focusing on Orleans and Jefferson Parish. Several agencies cooperated in the operation.

A few of the minors recovered had prior or previous sex trafficking ties, including a 17-year-old arrested on a trafficking warrant who had “ties to organized gang activities.” Among those with outstanding warrants included Lorenzo Oliver, with a history of allegedly raping minors, and Lamonte Versill Morris for sexually assaulting a 14 years old girl in June.

Two of the teen victims rescued were sisters who were reportedly the victims of “adults’ felony criminal sexual activities.”

The US Marshals ask that anyone with information regarding unregistered sex offenders to contact them or Crimestoppers with the information.

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