Mystery Illness Kills Dozens

Mystery Illness Kills Dozens

( – A mystery illness is ravaging the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Dozens of people are dying and making other people sick. Doctors, already exhausted from battling COVID-19, are reportedly panicking.

According to multiple reports, over 400 people have been hospitalized in just the city of Lucknow. At least 50 people, including both adults and children, have died. In Firozabad, Neeta Kulshrestha, a senior health official, told Sun News, “The patients, especially children, in hospitals are dying very quickly.”

Those who have fallen ill report headaches, fever, dehydration, joint pains and nausea. Although those can all be symptoms of COVID-19, it isn’t the virus this time. Health officials think it is the result of a mosquito-borne illness called dengue.

The symptoms mirror those of a severe case of dengue, an illness found in subtropical and tropical climates. The World Health Organization (WHO) reports it’s the leading cause of death in many Asian and Latin American countries. Health professionals say between 100 and 400 million infections occur annually. There isn’t a treatment designed specifically for the illness, but patients develop acute flu-like symptoms.

Indian officials are investigating the cause of the illness impacting the state. Authorities also gave doctors instructions on caring for the patients, but it’s unclear what treatments they are using.

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