Nancy Pelosi Says “WWIII” Isn’t Going to Happen

Nancy Pelosi Says

( – At the end of February, Russia invaded Ukraine and soon began bombing the nation. President Vladimir Putin originally claimed troops were entering the eastern part of the country to support the independence of the breakaway regions of Luhansk and Donetsk. The narrative quickly changed and the Russian military began advancing in other parts of the region. A full-scale conflict was underway by March 1.

In the days following the invasion of Ukraine, the world’s politicians spoke out against Russia. One of those voices was US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). She made a prediction about where the conflict will not go.


On February 25, Pelosi spoke about the ongoing crisis in eastern Europe during a visit to the University of California, Berkeley. She reiterated the US support of Ukraine but stood firm that America was not going to get its military involved. “Putin is not going to provoke the world, NATO, and the rest of us into World War III,” the congresswoman said.

President Joe Biden’s administration and NATO have taken the same position. In the weeks leading up to the conflict, the POTUS and State Department warned Americans to leave Ukraine, saying once an invasion started the US wouldn’t be able to get them out. When he was asked why, Biden said because if American troops and Russian troops exchanged fire, it would be the start of WWIII.

On February 28, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy asked NATO to impose a no-fly zone above his country to prevent the Russian military from bombing, but the international alliance refused. NATO’s Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg told NBC it would not be entering Ukraine by the sky or land. UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace told BBC Radio 4 his country won’t get involved either because he wasn’t going to “trigger a European War.”

Threats From Russia

While the West claims it isn’t going to do anything that could be construed as starting a war, the Russian leader accused NATO of threatening rhetoric and put his nuclear deterrent forces on high alert. Essentially preparing his country for nuclear war, should he decide it’s necessary.

Hours after Putin made the announcement, a Russian TV host known for being the Kremlin’s number one propagandist made a shocking statement. Dmitry Kiselyov said his country’s submarines could shoot hundreds of nuclear warheads and it would “guarantee destruction” of all of the NATO countries and the US. He went on to claim Russia’s military was the strongest in the world (it’s not, America’s is).

NATO’s Stoltenberg labeled Russia’s change to its nuclear readiness as “dangerous rhetoric.”

Do you think Pelosi and the other world leaders are correct when they say the US won’t be pulled into WWIII?

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