Nancy Pelosi Wants White House to Stage a Trump “Intervention”

Nancy Pelosi Wants White House to Stage a Trump

( – President Donald Trump has been home from Walter Reed Medical Center for nearly a week now after receiving treatment for COVID-19. Instead of being happy the commander-in-chief is doing well, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has been making disgusting comments.

On October 7, during an interview on “The View,” the hosts asked Pelosi how she feels about the president’s reaction to COVID-19. The speaker said she believes White House officials should stage an “intervention” with Trump about the way he’s handling the virus.

Earlier this week, Pelosi reportedly made a comment insinuating the president was suffering from ‘roid rage.

Both of Pelosi’s comments seem to insinuate the president isn’t in his right mind. As if people around him need to reign him in because he has a problem. Not only is it disrespectful, but she’s wrong. Trump’s doctors have said he’s doing well. The Left is just trying their best to discredit him as usual.

Imagine how well the country would be doing if Democrats put that much effort into doing their jobs.

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