New Evidence Allegedly Links Epstein to the Queen of England

New Evidence Allegedly Links Epstein to the Queen of England

( – As the sex trafficking and conspiracy trial to determine the fate of Ghislaine Maxwell continues, evidence mounts regarding her and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s big-name connections. On the eighth day of her trial, attorneys showed the jury a photo of Maxwell and Epstein on the porch of Queen Elizabeth’s royal retreat in Scotland. Although there’s no indication of a date on the photo and no reason to believe the Queen was aware of their presence, the Mirror suggests the couple visited her home at Balmoral as a guest of Prince Andrew in 1999.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult for the public to stay updated on the trial proceedings as Twitter banned the account providing live updates on December 8 for breaking its rules.

If convicted, Maxwell faces about 80 years in prison, but it appears she’s not going down alone. In addition to the Queen’s cottage likely linked to the prince, witnesses allege connections between Jeffrey Epstein and former Presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump.

Other well-known names revealed during the trial include actor Kevin Spacey, former Senators George Mitchell (D-ME) and John Glenn (D-OH), and comedian Chris Tucker. Although there’s no definitive proof yet of any involvement between the celebrity names and Epstein’s offenses, there’s no telling how many more famous people reside in Maxwell’s little black book.

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