New Features: iOS 18 Messages App Ups its Game with Bold, Scheduled Messages, and More!

San Francisco, CA – Apple’s latest update, iOS 18, brings significant enhancements to the Messages app. Revealed during the WWDC keynote, the new features include improvements to tapbacks, scheduled send, text formatting with bold and italics, new effects, RCS support, and more. These updates are set to revolutionize the way users interact with the Messages app on their Apple devices.

One of the notable changes in iOS 18 is the introduction of emoji tapbacks and new tapback designs. Users can now send any emoji as a message tapback, expanding the range of reactions available. Additionally, stickers can also be used as tapbacks, providing a more dynamic communication experience. The update also includes a revamped design for the default tapback reactions, with full-color options that blend seamlessly with the new tapback features.

Another exciting feature introduced in iOS 18 is the ability to schedule messages for later. This long-awaited feature allows users to prepare a message and select a specific date and time for it to be automatically sent. By simply pressing the + button and choosing the Send Later option, users can now easily schedule messages without the need for third-party apps or reminders.

iOS 18 also brings text formatting and special effects to the Messages app. For the first time, users can customize text with bold, italics, underline, and strikethrough options. Furthermore, the update includes eight unique special effects that can be applied on a per-character basis, adding a fun and creative element to messaging.

Additionally, iOS 18 introduces RCS support, a more advanced text message protocol that enhances communication with Android users. While iMessage conversations remain unchanged, RCS support improves the messaging experience in mixed-platform group chats, ensuring a seamless interaction between iPhone and Android users.

Other features in iOS 18’s Messages app include Genmoji, AI-generated emoji for enhanced communication, Image Playground tools for creating AI images, and Messages via Satellite feature for sending messages without a Wi-Fi or cellular connection. These new tools and features are expected to significantly enhance the user experience and provide a more versatile messaging platform.

Overall, the updates in iOS 18’s Messages app offer a wide range of new features and functionalities that are sure to delight users. From enhanced tapbacks to scheduled messages and text formatting options, Apple has introduced several enhancements that cater to the diverse communication needs of users. Share your favorite features of iOS 18’s Messages app in the comments below.