New Firearms Rule Change Aims to Redefine Homemade Guns

New Firearms Rule Change Aims to Redefine Homemade Guns

( – President Joe Biden announced plans to tighten gun laws across the country in early 2021. He was unable to pass meaningful legislation through Congress; that was the only way he could go after the Second Amendment. One of his main targets in achieving this goal was so-called ghost guns (firearms without a serial number).

In May, the ATF announced a change to its definition of “frame or receiver,” “gunsmith,” “firearm” and other terms. The rule change will allow the federal government to regulate these “ghost guns” once it goes into effect. However, some cities have already banned firearms lacking serial numbers — including San Diego.

Republican leaders say ghost guns aren’t a significant problem. In fact, lawmakers held a hearing on the weapons in May. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) said homemade guns aren’t “any more dangerous than any other firearms.” Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) has also spoken out, asserting that the name of the guns was created by anti-gun activists to sound scary.

The ATF rule change is close to becoming reality in spite of their protests. The public has roughly two weeks to comment on the proposed change in an effort to sway Biden’s administration from moving forward with it. Those who want to do so, can access the comment board here.

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