New Relief Package Provision Excludes Most Families

Democrats to Cash in on New COVID Relief Bill

( – Millions of Americans have been trying to figure out how to help their children with classwork while schools are closed during the pandemic. Parents have even quit their jobs to do it. Democrats in Congress devised a way to help some of those families, but who they chose is causing outrage.

Buried in the Democratic Party’s $1.9-trillion coronavirus aid package is a provision that enhances paid family leave for federal employees…that’s it. If passed, these parents could receive up to 600 hours of paid leave at up to $35 per hour ($1,400 a week) until September 30. The provision allows parents to collect the pay if they have kids whose schools aren’t open yet. So, unlike the rest of America, they won’t have to worry about how they are going to pay their bills and help their children.

While countless families suffer, Democrats aren’t making sure everyone is taken care of, they are picking and choosing. As usual, the swamp is getting preferential treatment.

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