New Reports Suggest That Abducted Teen Was Unarmed During Police Shootout That Took Her Life

15-year-old Savannah Graziano killed in Hesperia shootout was likely unarmed as she ran toward deputies, report says – KABC-TV

Amber alerts were issued over 15-year-old Savannah Graziano suggesting that she had been abducted by her father, who was the suspect of his wife’s murder. They were chased by police until a shootout erupted. Initial investigations of the shootout suggested she may have participated in the shootout alongside her father.

The teenager was killed amidst the gunfire of the shootout. More recent reports suggest that she was likely unarmed as she ran toward deputies, which was what ultimately exposed her to lethal gunfire. The California Department of Justice is investigating the shooting.

Police shot and killed Anthony John Graziano and his daughter after a 45-mile chase on the 15 Freeway in Hesperia. The girl was wearing a tactical helmet and vest when she ran toward deputies and was shot.

Police are trying to determine whether or not Savannah Graziano was forced into leaving Fontana after her mother was shot to death by her father. Fontana police had not received any reports of domestic violence at the home before this week, Surgent said, and investigators believe Savannah was being home-schooled.

A 911 caller reported seeing the suspect’s Nissan Frontier around Barstow, and law enforcement chased the truck to Hesperia, where Savannah Graziano was shot and killed by deputies. Her father was found in the driver’s seat and pronounced dead at the scene.

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