Newport Beach Mall Tragedy: 68-Year-Old Woman Robbed and Killed by Three Men – Shocking Details Revealed!

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. – Tragedy struck when a 68-year-old woman visiting from New Zealand was fatally robbed by three men outside a shopping mall in Newport Beach. The incident occurred in broad daylight as Patricia McKay and her husband were walking near the Fashion Island mall.

According to the Newport Beach Police Department, the suspects attempted to rob McKay and her husband, with one of the men reportedly armed with a handgun. A struggle ensued, leading to McKay being dragged into the street where a third man driving a white Toyota Camry hit and killed her.

As the robbery unfolded, one of the suspects fired a gun multiple times. McKay was pronounced dead at the scene, with her body discovered in the parking lot near the Barnes and Noble bookstore. Witnesses recounted hearing gunshots, causing panic among shoppers outside the mall.

Good samaritan Beau Bayless, who tried to intervene, described the incident as deeply troubling. The suspects fled the scene, prompting a pursuit that crossed into Los Angeles County. The three men – Joseph McCrary Leroyernest, Jaden Cunningham, and Edward Darnell Malachi – were eventually apprehended and arrested.

The shocking incident left Newport Beach residents and officials in disbelief. Mayor Will O’Neill expressed horror and sorrow over the tragic loss of life within the city limits. Authorities initially provided conflicting details about the events leading to McKay’s death, causing confusion among the public.

Despite the swift apprehension of the suspects, the community remains shaken by the senseless act of violence. The investigation into the incident continues as law enforcement seeks to bring justice for Patricia McKay and her grieving loved ones. The tragic event serves as a somber reminder of the importance of public safety and vigilance in the face of such unthinkable crimes.