Newt Gingrich Says Election Fraud Investigation Will Erase Biden’s Tiny Leads (REPORT)

Newt Gingrich Says Election Fraud Investigation Will Erase Biden's Tiny Leads

( – Democrat Joe Biden is currently in the lead in the race for the White House. Republicans and the Trump Campaign believe voter fraud may be the reason he seems to be winning. Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich even expressed concern.

On November 5, Gingrich tweeted a warning to the American people saying, “It’s increasingly clear” Democrats are stealing “Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.” He went on to claim research will “yield far more votes stolen than [Joe] Biden’s current margins.” Twitter quickly censored the Republican, preventing people from sharing his message.”

Gingrich then sounded the alarm about Big Tech’s continued censorship.

We don’t know if Democrats are stealing the election. There isn’t proof of that, yet. Republicans do have legitimate questions about voting irregularities that officials should investigate thoroughly. After all, if officials haven’t committed any crimes, states should have nothing to hide.

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