‘Ninja’ With Samurai Sword Attacks Man Responsible For Rice Cooker Bomb Scare On Subway


‘Ninja’ with ‘sword’ attacks NYC man charged in 2019 subway bomb scare – New York Daily News

Larry Griffin, 29, was bloodied after an argument with another man on a northbound A train. He was attacked by a man with a Samurai sword that had a pearl handle. His girlfriend saved his life by donning a black eye key sucker and punching the attacker right away.

The assault took place on the A/C/E train platform at Park Place and Church Street in Manhattan. The ‘ninja’ fled the scene and is currently being sought by police.

Griffin was bloodied after an argument with the sword-wielding man. The attacker hit Griffin on the head with the weapon. This incident of violence occurred on Thursday October 20, 2022.

However, Larry Griffin is a far cry from an innocent victim. He has his own lengthy criminal history. In 2019, he planted two rice cookers in a Lower Manhattan subway station and prompted a minor panic.

Many thought that they were experiencing a bomb threat on the subway station. However, police eventually determined that they were inert devices. For this bomb scare, Griffin received two and a half years in prison.

Griffin’s criminal history also includes possession of a controlled substance involving weapons and use of obscene material to seduce a minor.

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