Nuclear Threat? The Rocket Man Is Back

Biden’s North Korea strategy is a long way from Trump’s showy diplomacy – CNN

The days of glitzy summits and grand bargains with North Korea appear over, and instead, the Biden administration is focused on shows of strength and unity with South Korea and incremental progress toward denuclearization through sustained diplomatic engagements.

Jake Sullivan, the US national security adviser, said if a North Korean missile or nuclear test occurs, the President will adjust the US’ military posture in the region.

The President’s strategy toward North Korea has not yielded a single working meeting, but the administration remains committed to its fundamental approach of enforcing UN Security Council resolutions and urging others to do the same. However, North Korea has not been willing to engage.

US officials and North Korea experts believe North Korea’s coronavirus lockdown measures have kept the country from engaging in diplomatic dialogue with the US and other countries, but a recent outbreak has given them hope that North Korea might accept humanitarian aid.

Trump’s policy toward North Korea was a bit more push pull and tough in nature. In the early days, he threatened fire and fury on the North and called its leader “Little Rocket Man”, but as time went on, his stance drew Kim in and they exchanged dialogue.

North Korea’s provocations seemed to have paused under Trump’s efforts, but substantive talks with Kim Jong Un have stalled and ultimately yielded no progress toward denuclearization. Biden has adopted a more traditional approach, which may work but ultimately lead to more of the same old guard when it comes to North Korean posture and their general disdain for their southern neighbor.

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