Obama Launches Nasty Attack Against Trump Movement

Obama Launches Nasty Attack Against Trump Movement

(AbsoluteNews.com) – After the 2020 election, former President Donald Trump raised concerns about the validity of the results. He started speaking out after reports started trickling in about voting irregularities and possible fraud. However, former President Barack Obama doesn’t support ensuring that the election was valid. Instead, he’s attacking Trump for raising questions.

On Monday, June 28, Obama spoke at a virtual fundraiser for the Democratic Party. He said Trump violated a “core tenet that you count the votes and then declare a winner” after an election. He went on to say that instead, the 45th president made up a “whole bunch of hooey” about voter fraud in the wake of his loss to President Joe Biden. The former POTUS went on to accuse the GOP of trying to limit access to voting and “delegitimizing” democracy in the US.

Democrats like Obama are more concerned with airing their political grievances than they are with making sure every legal vote is counted. The allegations have been taken seriously enough that places like Maricopa County, Arizona are conducting an audit. Why would they waste taxpayer’s time and money if it was a “bunch of hooey” as Obama claims? Does he not understand that if the people don’t trust the system it could destroy our republic?

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