Ocasio-Cortez Says Trump Cabinet Only Cares About Whiteness

Ocasio-Cortez Says Trump Cabinet Only Cares About

(AbsoluteNews.com) – Democrats have spent the last week blaming Republicans for the unrest on Capitol Hill with little proof. The Left has ignored all allegations that its supporters may have caused the trouble and continued its never-ending witch hunt. Recently, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) took it a step further and tried to divide the nation even more with inflammatory remarks.

On Tuesday, January 12, AOC spoke to her supporters over Instagram Live. During her lengthy rant, she claimed President Donald Trump ordered “white supremacists” to carry out the attack on the Capitol. There’s no proof that he did anything of the sort, but that didn’t stop the leftist from making this outrageous claim. She then said something equally as ridiculous. AOC claimed the Republican Party doesn’t care about law and order, they only care about white supremacy and the “mythology of whiteness.”

Watch her full rant below.

The fact that AOC made this about race is exactly what is wrong with the Left. Everything is always about race, even when it’s not. For all she knows, conservative lawmakers are right and Antifa started the violence on Capitol Hill. But here she is blaming the president and Republicans in an effort to make Americans believe they’re racists. That’s not very unifying of her.

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