Oil Tanker Explodes in the Sea

Oil Tanker Explodes in the Sea

(AbsoluteNews.com) – Gas prices across the globe have been trending higher over the last year as demand increases in the wake of the pandemic. Supply hasn’t kept up with the demand, causing prices to shoot up quickly. Obviously, any disruption in the supply chain is cause for concern. That’s part of the reason a disaster in Nigeria is so unsettling.

On Wednesday, February 2, the Trinity Spirit oil tanker exploded off the coast of Nigeria. Video shared across the media showed the disaster unfolding. A massive blaze led to the tanker sinking while plumes of putrid smoke billowed into the sky, causing other potential health concerns.

According to Newsweek, Nigeria’s Shebah Exploration & Production Company Ltd (SEPCOL) owns the vessel, which can hold about 2 million barrels of oil and process 22,000 barrels every day. Chevron owns a facility near the disaster site and is trying to help contain it, so are people from local communities.

SEPCOL CEO Ikemefuna Okafor told the media 10 crew members were on the ship at the time of the disaster, but it’s unclear whether they made it off the vessel. He said the cause of the explosion and the fire are under investigation, and the company is “prioritizing investigations with respect to [the workers’] safety and security.”

The company has not said how many barrels were on board when the vessel exploded.

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