Omar Introduces Bill Targeting Police

Omar Introduces Bill Targeting Police

( – Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) is one of the most vocal anti-police congresspersons. After George Floyd died in 2020, she called on the city of Minneapolis to dismantle its police department. Most recently, she introduced a bill at the federal level that targets law enforcement agencies in America.

On the anniversary of Floyd’s death in May, Omar said that the country is “still searching for justice for George Floyd.” She claimed that “true justice” would only be achieved by “dismantling the systems that allowed him to die.”

Earlier in the month, the congresswoman reintroduced a bill that would create the National Police Misuse of Force Investigation Board. The proposed eight-member bipartisan board appointed by the president would be modeled after the National Transportation Safety Board which sends investigators to look into major accidents. The board would issue recommendations and if a police department failed to follow through, the federal government could take away its funding.

Reducing or taking away police funding does nothing to create safe environments. All it does is make communities less safe because departments do not have the resources available to tackle the crime in their cities. At least, that’s been proven true in jurisdictions where police funding was reduced over the last year. She would not be punishing bad cops with her bill, she’d be hurting American citizens.

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