One dead, 8-year-old boy shot in tragic shooting

A shooting occurred in the 6200 block of Georgia Avenue on Tuesday evening, near the intersection of Sheridan Street, in Northwest D.C, leaving four victims hit with bullets. One man was killed, and three others, including an 8-year-old boy, were shot.

The child and two other adults suffering from gunshot wounds were rushed to the hospital. Police said the boy was alive when help arrived but was in critical condition.

“Chief Countee will provide an on-scene media briefing regarding this incident. Media staging location is on Georgia Avenue and Sheridan Street, NW,” D.C. Police Department said on Twitter.

According to D.C. Police chief Robert J. Countee III, a preliminary investigation revealed that the victims were targeted, but the child was not an intended target. He appeared to be on the sidewalk when the shooting occurred. Countee said the boy was a victim of an errant round.

During an evening press conference, Contee said the suspects were traveling northbound on Georgia Avenue in a gray infinity SUV and hopped out of the car before shooting the victims.

Detectives asserted that there were three suspects, two shooters, and one driver. Two men reportedly got out of the car and shot the group of men while they were standing around a vehicle.

“We don’t know what the motive is,” Countee said. “We have no idea why someone would do such a reckless act, but we are going to find out.”

Police are asking the community for any information and details to come forward.

“Shooting Investigation in the 6200 block of Georgia Avenue NW. Lookout is for a black Infiniti SUV with silver decal on the roof traveling southbound on Georgia Avenue.”

D.C. Police Department

Detectives also encouraged anyone to call (202) 727-9099 or text the department’s tip line at 50411.

The condition of the 8-year-old boy and the two males injured remains unknown. Reports said that one man was fatally shot and pronounced dead at the scene.

The victims’ identities remain undisclosed.

Similar juvenile murders in D.C.

According to The Washington Post, the shooting of the 8-year-old boy on Tuesday night in Northwest D.C. was at least the fifth juvenile struck by gunfire in the past three days.

On Monday evening, around 10 p.m., an unknown shooter killed 17-year-old Martez Toney of Southeast Washington. He was shot at a bus bay outside a Metro Station and died at a hospital, police said.

Toney was a victim of a series of shootings in D.C. that night. Aside from the fatal shooting that killed Toney, D.C. police reported that at least three shooting incidents occurred on Monday night, killing six people. Four of the victims are juveniles.

In a news conference addressing Monday night’s shooting, deputy chief George Nader and Metropolitan Police commander John Branch said an investigation revealed this was a targeted shooting.

“I’m tired of having to come to the shootings. We have to learn as a community how to resolve our problems and issues peacefully and without gun violence.”

John Branch, Metropolitan Police Commander

As reported by The Washington Post, there were nearly twice as many shootings of juveniles in the District in 2022 as there were in 2021. Last year, 18 juveniles were killed in the city, 16 of whom were killed by gunfire.

“There has to be a certain level of urgency behind this because it does involve our young people,” Countee said.

Meanwhile, Mayor Muriel E. Bowser said at a news conference on Tuesday that she would meet with city and school leaders to discuss youth violence.

“We want to know what the schools can do to support that young person and family,” Bowser said. “None of us can be satisfied with young people having weapons and using weapons and killing each other.”

There is no response from the school officials to the Mayor’s comment.