One Key Point Where Harris and Biden Completely Disagree

( – In September, President Joe Biden addressed the nation, noting the current state of the coronavirus is a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” On December 16, he further warned the unvaccinated he anticipates a “winter of severe illness and death” for those who choose not to inoculate against COVID-19. On the other hand, Vice President Kamala Harris isn’t so quick to point fingers. She recently stated on CBS Evening News this is not the time to assign blame, shifting her focus to “individual power and responsibility” to make the best decisions during the pandemic.

It seems the pair has vastly different ideas on the best message to send to Americans.

However, she also stated during the interview getting vaccinated and receiving a booster would have a profound impact on the future and encouraged people to do so.

The comments follow a report from the CDC, which lists the Omicron variant of the coronavirus as the dominant strain, accounting for 73% of US infections.

The stark difference between the president and the VP may represent a peek into the alleged strife within the administration. In any case, playing the blame game does little to help the American people through the lengthy pandemic.

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