Outbreak of Riots Sparks Dozens of Arrests

Outbreak of Riots Sparks Dozens of Arrests

(AbsoluteNews.com) – Minnesota has seen many riots over the last year. They started when George Floyd was killed during an encounter with Minneapolis Police and now they’ve flared back up after a Brooklyn Center officer accidentally shot Daunte Wright. The violent protests have gotten so bad that police have arrested dozens of people over the last week.

On Wednesday, April 14, prosecutors charged former officer Kim Potter with second-degree manslaughter. That’s exactly what protesters claimed they wanted earlier in the week when they called for justice. Yet, at least 24 people were still taken into custody for violating curfew. That’s down from the 72 people who were detained the night before, but still a tremendous number of arrests.

Over the last year, Conservatives have said it seems as though bad actors, like Antifa, come into cities where a police shooting has taken place just to stir up trouble. What might have started out as peaceful protests turns into mob violence, riots and looting. If what the demonstrators really wanted was justice, then the violence would have stopped after officer Potter had been arrested and taken into custody for allegedly committing a crime. So, what and who is really behind these riots?

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