Outstanding Portland Restaurant Langbaan Wins Top National Award at James Beard Ceremony – Find Out Why!

Portland, Oregon – Langbaan, a groundbreaking Thai restaurant known for its unique tasting menu, made history by being named the most outstanding restaurant in the country at the prestigious James Beard Foundation Awards ceremony in Chicago. The award recognizes Langbaan for its excellence in food, atmosphere, hospitality, and community contribution.

Described as a vibrant space reminiscent of a bustling Bangkok night market, Langbaan has been pivotal in bringing authentic Thai flavors to Portland. Owner Akkapong Ninsom, affectionately known as Earl, expressed his gratitude for the nomination and highlighted his mission to showcase the depth and variety of Thai cuisine beyond what Americans typically experience.

With a commitment to innovation and quality, Langbaan continually evolves its menu every two months to showcase different regions of Thailand. Ninsom emphasized the importance of maintaining the restaurant’s identity and dedication to guests and the community, even after receiving such a prestigious award.

In addition to Langbaan’s success, Ninsom oversees several other Thai restaurants in Portland, each offering a unique culinary experience. His commitment to pushing boundaries and blending diverse flavors has earned him recognition in the culinary world, with previous accolades and nominations.

The Portland culinary scene was further celebrated at the James Beard Awards when Gregory Gourdet, a local chef, secured the title of Best Chef in the Northwest and Pacific region for the third consecutive year. The evening was filled with emotional moments as Ninsom shared the challenges of the past year, including his wife’s battle with cancer.

Amidst the celebration, Langbaan’s general manager, Heaven-Leigh Carey, added a touch of whimsy to the evening by sharing a unique anecdote involving a chance encounter with a psychic. The restaurant’s success and accolades showcase the dedication and passion of Portland’s culinary community, underscoring the city’s position as a hub for culinary innovation and excellence.

As Langbaan marks its 10th anniversary this year, the collaborations and milestones achieved serve as a testament to the restaurant’s enduring impact and commitment to redefining the culinary landscape in Portland and beyond.