Pack Of 5 Great Danes Kill Their Owner In Painful Attack

Photo by Atanas Teodosiev on Unsplash

5 Great Danes attack, kill owner in northwest Iowa – KCCI Des Moines

A woman whose body was discovered lying in a ditch near Rossie, Iowa, died in a very unexpected way.

She was killed by the Great Dane pets that she owned, local authorities announced Wednesday. The large dogs were still roaming nearby when a man discovered the woman’s deceased body.

Mindy Kiepe, 43, was found dead with numerous cuts and puncture marks on her body. Two of her Great Danes were found on the enclosed deck of the home.

She lived on a farm that was not far from the site that her body was found. Mindy Kiepe was just a short distance from her home’s driveway.

Investigators determined that five Great Dane dogs owned by Kiepe caused her death. Her Great Danes were euthanized after being suspected of causing her death.

Great Danes are some of the largest domestic dog breeds, and having 5 Great Danes attack at once would be extremely intimidating and dangerous.

Kiepe’s death follows that of a young woman who was killed by a pack of feral dogs on the Meskwaki Settlement near Tama. Eleven of the dogs were later identified and killed, Meskwaki police said.

In Iowa, dozens of cities have breed-specific bans, but some cities have repealed the bans in recent years. This is because of the potential danger of certain breeds without proper training and domestication.

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