Pack of bloodthirsty dogs kill 7-year-old boy and injure his mother

A 7-year-old child suffered a fatal attack by a group of dogs at his home in Idaho on Saturday night. The mother of the young boy also sustained serious injuries in the attack.

The Fort Hall Police released a report, stating, “a young boy who had been attacked by multiple dogs and was unconscious.”

Seven-year-old Kellan and his mother, Emily Islas, were taken to the Portneuf Medical Center after an incident. Tragically, Kellan was later declared dead, as reported by a GoFundMe page for the family. The page was created by Islas’ friend, Samantha Lenay.

The Islas family resides in an RV located on the grounds of another family’s home- the owners of the four dogs involved in the incident. Kellan went outside of the RV, and eventually encountered the dogs. A short time later, Emily discovered him face down and being attacked by the pack of canines, according to Sho-Ban news.

Emily also suffered from severe injuries from trying to fend off the dogs and eventually put herself over Kellan to protect him, as reported by the outlet.

The four dogs, two of which were Rottweilers and two of which were mixed breeds, were euthanized by the local government in agreement with the local animal control regulations.

The owners of the dogs were issued citations for fifteen violations of the animal ordinance, including vicious animal attack, rabies vaccination, and having more than the maximum number of canine or feline pets. This was confirmed by the Shosone-Bannock Tribes.