Parkland Shooter’s Attorney Claims Past Abuse Made His Brain ‘Irretrievably Broken’ During Trial


Nikolas Cruz’s brain ‘irretrievably broken’ because birth mom abused cocaine and alcohol, his defense says – NBC News

Convicted Parkland shooter, Nikolas Cruz, was considered to be broken by his attorney. His half-sister and another witness testified Monday that his birth mother abused crack cocaine and alcohol during her pregnancy. Cruz’s attorneys told the jury that Cruz had fetal alcohol and drug issues and that his adoptive mother suffered from severe depression and financial woes.

Assistant Public Defender Melissa McNeill told the jury that despite her client being brain-damaged human, nothing will erase the 17-counts of murder Cruz has been found guilty of. She hoped that the jury would remember that the law does not require them to vote for death.

The defense is seeking to overcome horrendous evidence laid out by the prosecutor, including video of Cruz calmly ordering a cherry and blue raspberry Icee minutes after the shooting.

Danielle Woodard, Cruz’s half-sister, was brought to the courtroom from a Miami-Dade County jail where she is awaiting trial on a carjacking charge. She confirmed that throughout her childhood her mother abused alcohol and drugs.

Susan Lubar, a former Broward County teacher of preschool special needs, testified that Cruz had severe language and behavioral problems when she taught him at age 4. He would act like a tiger and hiss at other children.

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