Partial Remains Of Missing Woman Discovered

Alexis Gabe

It has been reported that police have recovered the partial remains of a California woman believed to have been killed by her ex-boyfriend earlier this year.

A news release from Oakley Police Department announced the discovery of bones belonging to 24-year-old Alexis Gabe. Her identity was confirmed by dental records.

The remains of Gabe were found Thursday in Plymouth, Calif., approximately 80 miles from Oakley, her hometown.

It is very likely that Alexis’ remains are scattered in various areas due to the condition they are in. Due to the condition of Alexis’ remains, we realize that they may never be fully recovered.

The last time Gabe was seen alive was on Jan. 26 in Antioch, California.

She was murdered at her ex-boyfriend’s home before her remains were scattered in the countryside, according to authorities.

After fleeing to Washington state following Gabe’s murder, Jones was killed in a standoff with police in June.

Handwritten driving directions believed to have been authored by Jones were released by the police, showing left and right turns and estimated driving times.

Police believed that Jones disposed of Gabe’s body in the area where the directions ended.

Authorities did not clarify if the directions actually pointed to where her remains were found, but they did note her bones were found in an area identified early on where “Jones traveled after Alexis was reported missing.”

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